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Mobicash and Bhartiya Mahila Bank partner for open loop prepaid wallet


MobiCash solution is completely mobile network agnostic which means “All phones can make payments using MobiCash no matter what phone model or network operator. You do not need to modify your phone in order to use our mobile payment.

MobiCash’s solutions allow all existing mobile phones to become a payment instrument or to act as a Point-Of-Sales (POS) terminal, therefore bringing payment services to all mobile phone owners. Also, with MobiCash, a cell phone becomes a secure personal device that can sign internet transactions and process strong authentication for web access to sensitive data.

Due to its simplicity MobiCash mobile payment has wide appeal, is easy to deploy and open to everyone – there are no complicated software downloads necessary and no restrictions to enrolment.

Users can load their MobiCash enabled account physically at an authorized outlet or online electronically via a linked bank account or using debit/credit card.



Electricity and Gas Payment

Users can pay their bills and taxes using the money in their MobiCash account. ...


DTH Recharge


Now, enjoy the convenience of topping up your DTH account right here with your MobiCash account. ...




Book your movie ticket with your MobiCash account. ...



Train Ticket

Train tickets on your mobile! You can Search.Book.Pay for Indian Railway tickets on MobiCash’s mobile payments application. ...


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