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Mobicash and Bhartiya Mahila Bank partner for open loop prepaid wallet


There is no more need for expensive point of sale telephone lines or any type of network to accept on line transactions on NSDT™ terminals: The customer’s cellphone is used as the POS terminal modem.

MobiCash turns any existing cellphone into a Merchant Point of Sale (PoS), giving the merchant the ability to do both Merchant-to-Customer and Customer-to Merchant transactions, opening up business opportunities for a multitude of small businesses and operators. The merchant can sell goods and services as well as take deposits and provide cash back services.

Merchants equipped with MobiCash’s Payment Terminal (MPT) can accept payments with MobiPad (provided seperaely) at their point of sale. To receive a payment, the merchant enters the amount and the client enters their phone number on the terminal keypad.

MobiPad calls this number and the transaction is signed by dipping the clients phone into the MPT—the signature is instant (~2 sec.) and each account is credited and debited accordingly.

Transactions are confirmed by SMS, vocal-message, email, or printed receipt. Merchants can even accept transactions without an MTP, they could just use ….their cell phone !

How to become a MobiCash Merchant?

Becoming a merchant is very simple: just contact : 022-29251701/02

You will be given all of the necessary information to launch and run the MobiCash system and will have access to a merchant space on the MobiCash website where you can set, manage, and monitor your MobiCash system.

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