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Mobicash and Bhartiya Mahila Bank partner for open loop prepaid wallet


Start a Business by becoming an Distributor for Mobicash.

Please call 022- 29251724/ 25/ 26 for enquiry.

Enable Agents, Merchants, Co-operative banks, Schools, Colleges, Muncipal corporations, etc for mobicash services and get lifelong commission from the business.

The Distributor benefits:

  • High commission on Deposit / Withdrawal / Transfer from Agent and Merchants.
  • Enable a chain of merchants for MobiCash and enjoy commission every day from the transactions through this merchants.
  • Distributors can choose the bank which he wants for providing distributor services.
  • Distributors bear no risk at all regarding stolen phones;.
  • Transactions are guaranteed once intra and inter bank settlement has been effected;
  • Low cost hardware to process mobile transactions is provided;
  • Services are available 24 hours a day, and at diverse locations.

Deposit Cash

MobiCash calculates the Distributor's commission and provides user-friendly transaction reporting for both clients and agents. The Agency’s web interface is protected by NSDT™ so that the account is only accessible by authorized Agent’s phone numbers.

When authorized by the system merchants can also load client accounts using a Mobile Payment Terminal (MPT) such as the MobiCash1600, their own phone (MobiCash1000 transaction), or the MobiCash website ( With the 1600 terminal this is done by selecting the “credit” option, entering a merchant pass code, and following the same process as with a payment .

Transfers via Distributor

agent money transfer no frame smDistributors use their pre-funded MobiCash account and have a dedicated web interface to reload Client’s accounts or transfer funds on behalf of Clients. For transparency and traceability, the funds are transferred from the Agency’s MobiCash account to the recipient’s MobiCash account passing through the sender’s account. The sender is authenticated with NSDT™ and enrollment measures are taken to meet KYC requirements. MobiCash automatically calculates the fees due to Distributors for this service.

Online payment of Utility Bills, Ticketing through distributor.

agent money transfer no frame sm Clients can pay online merchants using MobiCash. Upon checkout, the client enters their phone number and authorizes the transaction with NSDT™-powered Very Smart Authentication (VSA™).[1] This guarantees that the client’s mobile was present and used to authorize the online transaction. The client’s MobiCash account is debited once VSA™ is completed. Merchants can add the VSA™ checkout tool to their e-commerce website and register their bank account details to receive the payments made by MobiCash users.

Bill Payments

Users can pay their bills and taxes using the money in their MobiCash account. They can do this online through the bill pay portal or by calling an IVR and following the instructions. MobiCash can be interfaced with billing companies to facilitate mobile payments for their services. Other convenient services such as automatic bill-pay are also supported and clients receive a payment request or notification at the time the payment is due.

Similarly, MobiCash can support other payment services such as: airtime top-up, micro-loan reimbursements, tax payment, etc.

Distributor Cash-out

Distributors or Agents or merchants can act as a “human ATM” allowing users to withdraw cash from their MobiCash account. Transactions are made securely using NSDT™ technology, which assures that the mobile is physically present at the transaction. Pass codes are typically used for additional protection of the distributor and user accounts.

Since merchants can use their own phones to make transactions, existing networks such as Bank agents, retail chains, or Mobile Network Operator (MNO) airtime vendors can instantly perform cash-in and cash-out MobiCash functions using the phones they already own, the web, or another MPT.

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