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Mobicash and Bhartiya Mahila Bank partner for open loop prepaid wallet


MobiCoupon Text message coupons are a new way to advertise and to do business. Everyone is looking for a way to keep the customers coming in and to draw in even more. To do this, you need to think outside the box.

The way to begin is to use what you have. With the rise in mobile phone usage, Short message Service (SMS) Text Messaging has become the new billboard of our age. So it's only natural that marketing via this new and expansive medium has grown to be the next biggest communication media next to email.


If Coupons have always annoyed you. But you love to save money as much as the next person, but not at the expense of carrying around massive amounts of clutter, then MobiCoupon is the perfect solution!

The idea is to have discounts sent to consumers via text messages or other means which the consumers would opt-in to receiving. Using the coupons presented on their mobile phones, consumers earn discounts on purchases.

A mobile Coupon is an electronic ticket solicited and/or delivered by mobile phone that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product or a service.

Benefits for the end user:

  • Simplicity: no need to cut out or store printed coupons.
  • Presence: mobile phone is always with you. You will not forget it as it can happen with discount cards or cut-out coupons.

Benefits for retail business:

  • effectiveness: response rates to mobile coupons campaigns are 10-15 times higher compared to traditional printed campaigns
  • target audience coverage: with our solution you can reach your customers regardless their mobile carrier or phone model
  • cost reduction: delivery is not limited by printed materials. You can cut costs on printing and mailing. And you pay only for requested and redeemed coupons. You don’t pay for coupons delivered to people not interested in your product.
  • sales generation: immediate user engagement. You get in touch with people interested or thinking to buy
  • direct communication with your customer: you receive detailed information about marketing campaigns including client profiles, time (and possibly place) of coupon receipt and redemption. You may build a history of preferences of a client using data from several campaigns and address your clientèle with personalized offers.
  • security: You are protected against abuses from your clients as well as from your sales agents. You are able to track the whole sales process, starting with coupon request up to coupon redemption and even further, to the coupon usage history of a client
  • built-up brand loyalty: award your loyal customers with discounts.
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