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Mobicash and Bhartiya Mahila Bank partner for open loop prepaid wallet

MobiCash Benefits


There are many advantages to using MobiCash over other payment methods.


We all have a cell phones and MobiCash provides a payment solution that is technically accessible to all. There is no need to change phones or to download software. As long as your phone (even the oldestof cell phones) can make a call, you have instant access to the many advantages MobiCash has to offer.


Your MobiCash account is created instantly when you call the MobiCash number. MobiCash automatically registers the number you are calling from and uses it to identify your account. There is virtually no simpler way of opening an account.

You can add money to your MobiCash account by paying your MobiCash merchant and calling the same MobiCash number. To make purchases using your MobiCash account, call the same MobiCash number and, once connected, dip your phone into the MobiPad terminal. Your transaction is signed in a few seconds and you will be notified of the amount transacted and your current account balance by text message. Crediting and paying with MobiCash is simple: just call, dip, and check your texts.


To make payments just call MobiCash, the same number every time. Save the MobiCash number in your phone for an even quicker MobiCash experience. Then just dip your phone in the merchant’s mobile payment terminal (MobiPad) until the call is disconnected.


Opening and using your MobiCash account is free for a limited time. There is no extra cost when you call MobiCash to make a transaction—all you pay are a few seconds of call time towards a land line.


The MobiCash prepaid account service allows you to track and control your spending in real time. With MobiCash, you can better budget your spending and improve your finances.


Thanks to MobiCash’s 100% multi-channel payment service, clients can pay and communicate with their favorite merchants in person, by phone, and on the web.

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